Every year, thousands of adults in the United States become seriously ill and are hospitalized with diseases that vaccines could have prevented. In come cases, many adults even die from these diseases.

The CDC routinely publishes recommendations for vaccinations, generally based on age, history, health status, lifestyle, occupation, and travel. Despite these recommendations, adults remain inadequately vaccinated. Factors that contribute are noncompliance, low priority, lack of information, and fear.

“At Coffey Health System, we recommend that older adults receive vaccinations for influenza, pneumonia, Tdap, and shingles,” states Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Ashley Beying. “Vaccines are not just for children. Even if you received all the required immunizations as a child, that doesn’t mean you’re fully protected. Some shots require boosters to maintain immunity.”

Diseases like polio, smallpox, and malaria, have almost been eradicated just by vaccinations. Vaccinations are also recommended for protection, and as part of preventative education to a patient’s health promotion.

“It is important to immunize, especially as you age. This will help to protect one from diseases,” says Beying. “Vaccinations are safe. Being educated on and utilizing vaccinations is an important part of health promotion for adults. By preventing diseases and spreading immunity, we can work to ensure better health for adults,”

Coffey County area residents have an opportunity to learn more about adult vaccinations. Beying will be the guest speaker at the next installment of Coffey Health System’s Lunch and Learn program on February 9. The noon presentation takes place in Coffey County Hospital’s Allen Woods 2 conference room.

Attendance and lunch are free. Seating is limited, so register today by calling Virginia DuBuke at (620) 364-2121 Ext. 4174. Evening callers may leave a voice-mail including their name, telephone and the number of people wanting to attend. Reservations are also taken online at www.coffeyhelath.org.

The Lunch and Learn series is a community service of Coffey Health System.


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