kansas-statistical-abstract-2015“As regional economic and social statistics become more prevalent so do the number of sources disseminating such information. The utility of these statistics depends to a great extent on an awareness of the various sources containing them and their accessibility. Often, even under the best of conditions, it is difficult to know if and where particular regional statistics exist.

The purpose of this volume is to present in a concise and convenient format important social and economic data pertaining to the State of Kansas. These data have been obtained and compiled from a number of different sources. Their potential usefulness should be increased as a result of consolidating them into one volume.”

–David L. Huff, Director, Center for Regional Studies, Kansas Statistical Abstract 1965

The Institute for Policy & Social Research (IPSR) at the University of Kansas is pleased to announce that the 50th Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract (KSA) is now available. The abstract is available EXCLUSIVELY online as a PDF file with individual pages available in Microsoft Excel and PDF. For more information and access to the data, please visit http://ipsr.ku.edu/ksdata/ksah/.

Please note: IPSR updates the Enhanced Online Edition throughout the year as new data becomes available. This edition offers individual chapters, tables, and maps, with the latest data, in PDF and Excel formats at: http://ipsr.ku.edu/ksdata/ksah/ksa34.shtml.

The 50th Edition of the Kansas Statistical Abstract (KSA) contains data collected through July 2016 for sixteen categories of information: Agriculture; Banking and Finance; Business, Industry, and Exports; Climate; Communications and Information; Courts, Crime, and Public Safety; Education; Employment and Earnings; Energy and Natural Resources; Government; Housing and Construction; Income; Parks and Recreation; Population; Transportation; and Vital Statistics and Health. We invite you to explore the KSA.